The company trading as "Arabtec For Steam Boilers " Was established in 1995 as Engineering & contracting company in the Electro-mechanical Field, Based on 24+ years of experience for the Engineering and technician teamwork.

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Arabtec is fulfilling steam requirement of several industries and clients.

 Our steam products-steam boilers, generators & other steam equipments– are helping businesses to reduce process cost & increase product and business efficiency.

Industries We Serve.

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Food and Beverage Industry

Heat is a heart of industrial food processes, steam is used in heat transfer processes such as cooking areas, pasteurization and in many diffrent processes

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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

A safe, energy-efficient steam boiler is necessary to heating system, humidification levels, and sterilization efforts

Commercial Laundry Facilities

both big and small require large volumes of hot water for cleaning,  Like other industries, these needs aren’t constant